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As a savvy professional, you know the value of improving your English language skills. It opens the door to exciting opportunities for career growth and advancement. Mastering business English books can be frustrating. It’s especially challenging with low-quality study materials. With a plethora of business English textbooks crowding bookstores and online marketplaces it’s challenging to determine. Which one is the best But don’t worry! We understand that you need practical guidance that will make a positive impact in your life.

That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best business English books for 2023 with this list. You can find the perfect learning resource that will help you to excel in your profession and beyond. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the books below and start your journey to English language mastery today!

How to choose the right business English book for you

As a business ESL student, finding the perfect English textbook might seem daunting with countless options in the market. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! The key is to prioritize your learning requirements find a book that matches your language level, business objectives, and preferred learning style.

A textbook that ticks all the boxes will make learning enjoyable and provide you with new skills for the business world. Let’s get started! Wondering how to go about finding the perfect match? Keep reading to uncover useful tips for sourcing top-notch business English books that are tailored to your individual needs.

Find your level

Before purchasing a new textbook, find out where you currently stand in terms of business English. Don’t be overly generous or critical of yourself right now.

It’s possible that the material in a beginner’s business English book won’t help you improve your English. A more advanced textbook, on the other hand, will only frustrate you and make learning business English unpleasant for you.

Be truthful to yourself; If you know your level, the right book will be challenging enough to keep you motivated.

Set some goals

The following are some important questions ask yourself What goals do I have? What do I hope to gain from my education? What might I want to be equipped for conveying once I finish this business English book?

If you know what you want to accomplish, such as “to complete a work placement in a marketing company,” For instance. You will have a much better chance of selecting the appropriate book.

Know your learning style

Last but not least, decide how you learn. Are you an auditory or visual learner? Do you prefer to read new words from your vocabulary or listen to them? Do quizzes or personalized activities help you remember grammar more effectively?

It’s important to choose a textbook with activities that work for you. If you try to learn in a way that does not interest you, The process will be harder and less fun for you. So ensure you check which showing style the book follows before you purchase.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how many different subjects it covers, How much vocabulary it uses, or how complicated its grammatical structures are. It won’t help you improve your business English skills if the book doesn’t fit your level, learning style, and goals.

What makes a good business English book?

However there’s no single solution to what makes the best business English book, there are three parts to pay special attention to while picking your reading material: association, clear objectives, and assortment.


Initial, an efficient course reading will have a reasonable chapter by chapter guide, a syntax segment, and a glossary of terms or files. This makes organizing and carrying out a learning plan simpler.

Clear goals and progression

Second, the goals and progression of a good business English textbook will be clear.

From the first to the last illustration, you ought to feel you are advancing from primary to further developed abilities to amplify your mastering and remain tested all through the course. ( The best course books will try and incorporate learning results.)


In conclusion, a decent business English book ought to cover different subjects and bunches of ways of rehearsing them. These subjects ought to be broad and cover a wide range of professions and industries.

In a perfect world, the course book will likewise furnish a business English exercise manual with various pragmatic activities to assist you with working on in all parts of corporate English: language, talking, perusing, composing, jargon, articulation, and tuning in.

What business English books should I read?

You ought to initially recognize which business English book is ideal for you in light of the circumstances and highlights illustrated above, yet there are two other significant elements to consider assuming you need the best asset out there.

First and foremost, you should ensure that the book you select is recent (published in the past few years) or frequently updated with new editions.

This is on the grounds that all that in the corporate world is continually changing — its accepted procedures, its business sectors, and, surprisingly, its language.

Therefore, you can only benefit from books on improving business English if they teach you the most up-to-date and cutting-edge methods of workplace communication.

7 best business English books

Underneath we’ve recorded our main 7 business English course readings, including itemized expenses, upsides and downsides, and who the book is the most appropriate for.

We positioned the books in view of how all around organized the substance is, how much access it gives to different subjects, and the number of learning assets it offers for extra practice and self-study.

1. Market Leader (Pearson/Long-man)

There a reason why it’s called Market Leader. Together with the Financial Times, one of the most important English-speaking financial news sources. This business English book has been expertly develop.

Market Pioneer incorporates interviews, contextual analyses, and explicit business English abilities — like introducing, arranging, leading gatherings, and taking part in casual conversation — so you can develop your monetary information while rehearsing your business English ESL abilities.

There are five levels to choose from in the book—Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced—so you can be sure to find one that fits your needs. Additionally, Market Leader provides specific support for the reading and writing sections of the top two levels, BEC Vantage (B2) and BEC Higher (C1), if you want to study for the Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC).


Varies depending on your region but ranges from $45 to $75 

Best for

Early and mid-vocation experts hoping to foster their business abilities while working on in ESL

2. Business Builder (Macmillan)

Business Builder, which has nine modules divided into three volumes (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced), helps students of business English improve their skills from the very beginning.

With worksheets to help you keep track of your progress, this textbook outlines your goals and accomplishments. “Social English,” “Telephoning,” and “Job Interviews” are covered in Modules 1 through 3.

“Discussions and Meetings,” “Business Correspondence,” and “Report Writing” are included in Modules 4 through 6. Modules 7-9 completion the series with “Introductions,” “Organization Item and Client Relations,” and “Talks.”

The book incorporates “Instructor’s Notes,” expected to direct ESL business educators, yet the tips, thoughts, and social clues are perfect for understudies searching for additional experiences.


$65 to $70 

Best for

Gatherings and individual students who are roused to self-study and expert English.

3. Total Business (C engage)

Don’t worry if the nine modules in Business Builder didn’t impress you. Cengage’s Complete Business reading material offers twelve units.

This three-level business English course separates current, business-related themes into three significant areas: ” proficient business jargon,” “fundamental correspondence business abilities,” and “learning methodologies for the business setting.”

The integration of everyday business English with grammar, such as the distinction between “who” and “whom” or “can” and “could,” is a particular focus of Total Business. It does this through a large number of learning exercises and a going with exercise manual that incorporates a response key.


$30 to $55 

Best for

students looking for a textbook that covers all aspects of business English and grammar and includes activities.

4. Intelligent Business (Pearson/Long-man)

Students “regardless of their level or business experience” will find Intelligent Business to be the most approachable book on business English. Intelligent Business aims students who have not yet entered the business world by introducing fundamental business English concepts through authentic material from the British weekly newspaper The Economist.

A “Skills Book” with “Culture Profile” and “Grammar Reference” guides for quick access to functional business English practice is also included in Intelligent Business for specialized communication skills instruction. Like Market Pioneer, Astute Business offers concentrate on help for the CEFR tests and Cambridge BEC test.



Best for

Business fledglings hoping to acquire a strong prologue to the business world and further develop essential business English abilities

5. Business one:one (Oxford University Press)

Oxford College Press’ Business one : one course book comes in two levels: Intermediate Plus and Pre-Intermediate. Oxford, like a lot of the business textbooks on this list, provides a plethora of online learning resources, such as activities for practicing grammar, email practice, and an editable glossary.

What distinguishes Business one: One thing that sets it apart is that its short, to-the-point lessons teach new business English learners vocabulary and phrases that sound natural and improve the fluency of experienced students.

As the name recommends, Business one : One was written with individual students in mind; consequently, this book will suit you if you are accustomed to learning independently or outside of a business English class.

A “Lesson Record” document that you can print out asks you to take notes on three brand-new words, three useful phrases, and any significant lessons learned on your own.


$15 to $50

Best for

Moderate, free students on a bustling timetable who are hoping to make their business English sound more normal

6.English Express (Oxford University Press)

Alongside Business one: First, there are more than 200 textbooks in Oxford University Press’s English language learning library. American English File, Oxford English for Careers, and English Express are among the series. Our favorite of these is the English Express suite.

English Express is useful for people working in specialized fields like accounting, fashion, technology, human resources, marketing, and advertising who want to improve their business English.

Warm-ups, role-playing exercises, discussion questions, and more are included in these brief English textbooks.

You can also access their new e-books online to access more interactive features like audio and video clips for those who prefer digital learning.


Starting at $31 (for online resources) 

Best for

Business English ESL students who want to practice their British English for the office in various industries and improve their British English can access their new e-books online for more interactive features like audio and video clips. If you prefer digital learning, you can also access them online.

7. English 365 & English for Job Hunting (Cambridge University Press)

The 10-set business English collection from Cambridge University Press is hard to beat. It covers everything from global business to new companies. Each set incorporates various elements with changing levels and going with exercise manuals.

English365 and Cambridge English for Job Hunting stand out among the many excellent resources offered by this publisher if you want to improve your practical English skills.

English365 joins social English, conventional business English, and English for public areas. It provides a global perspective on professional English in a variety of settings.

On the other hand, Cambridge English for Job Hunting provides students with specific guidance on the knowledge and communication abilities that job seekers require to apply for high-paying positions, such as creating a CV, writing a cover letter, and preparing for interviews.


$30 to $75 for individual components

Best for

Highly dedicated learners looking to update their Business English Vocabliry and skills for the 21st century job market

The Characteristics of Good Business English books

While there are such countless choices for course books, you want to take a gander at what you need for your understudies to pick the right on. Here are a few hints while investigating which course books could work for you:

  • It must be pertinent. The business world is constantly evolving. The best business English textbooks are updated frequently enough to keep up with the times or to cover a wide range of topics.
  • It must be focused on four skills. That is to say, it needs to have activities that help people speak, write, read, and listen.
  • It must be effective. Your students are not here to learn about business in your class. They can earn an MBA if they so desire. They are at this location to acquire English-language proficiency: with the appropriate words, manner, and logical order.
  • Search for books with structure. The book ought to have a decent stream with a harmony between happy, models and practice open doors.


There are hundreds of business English books available, so you need to choose one that meets your level of proficiency, learning style, and professional objectives.

Once you have found a textbook that meets these particular requirements, check to see that it is also well-organized, has a clear path for building skills, and has a lot of skills and practice activities.

It should come as no surprise that practicing these skills with a language expert is an even more effective way to master English for the workplace than learning business English from one of the best textbooks we listed above.

You and your coworkers have access to Preply’s corporate English training program, which allows you to take one-on-one virtual classes with knowledgeable tutors at any time, from any location.

They can give you tailor-made illustrations or even assist you with managing a business English reading material, giving customized input and credible practice.

So the thing would you say you are hanging tight for? Join with Preply to put resources into your business English abilities and expand your profits!

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