Mobile charger manufacturing business

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The Mobile charger manufacturing project report all handphones will because shows do not work in this WST Life without phones get today is any smartphone is a near-daily phone call to all such and is much demand for smartphones The most important thing to use a smartphone is a charger because the charger itself charges the phone and is able to use it well. 

 Investment in this business depends on this business and land because if you start a big business then you have to invest more and start a small business less investment has to be done in it and own land, then work can be done in less money and if the land is rented or bought then more investment in it. have to

Investment for Mobile charger manufacturing business

And there are many types of machines in it and the rates of all are also different, investment also depends on them, after that to start this business at a good level, the machine has to be bought and the building has to be built in which the machine will be installed and stock. To keep everything, building then electricity, water facility and raw materials and vehicles have to be invested separately for all like;

  •  Small Business :- 50,000 To 1 Lakh
  • Large Scale Business :- 5 Lakh   To 10  Lakhs

Mobile charger parts machine price

  • Mobile charger Cabinet with plug point = 3 Rs
  • Mobile charger PCB with USB port = 11 Rs
  • USB cable or wire = 12 Rs
  • Soldering machine = 290 Rs
  • Mobile Charger Outer Case with the Plug Point = 3 Rs (5000 Qty min order) = 15000 Rs
  • Mobile charger PCB board with USB Port = 11 Rs (5000 Qty min order) = 55000 Rs
  • USB cable = 12 Rs (1000 Qty min order) =12000 Rs

Scope of Mobile charger business

These days, if you are thinking that about starting a business, then today we are giving information about a great business idea, that is the business of making mobile chargers. Friends, in today’s time all the work is done in digital form. In which mobile phone is needed more and more. Now it is obvious that if the mobile phone is used more, then people will charge it more. Therefore, along with the increase in the demand for mobile these days, the demand for mobile chargers has also increased a lot. Therefore, you can choose to start this business because it will give a lot of profit. You will get information related to this business here.

How much demand in the market for Mobile charger products ?

If we talk about research in the market of this business, then there is a lot of demand in the market. That’s because nowadays everyone has smartphones. People also use it a lot. Whether it is a city or a village, there is a lot of demand for it everywhere. Whenever someone’s mobile gets discharged, that person first goes to the mobile shop and buys a charger. The special thing about this business is that this business does not run at any particular time, this business can run at any time. Now you can get an idea from this how much demand is there in the market. You can start it in any month of the year and at any time.

What Raw material required for Mobile charger product manufacturing ?

If you have the knowledge of making a mobile charger, then you can buy all the parts used in it from the market and make it yourself at home and sell it with your brand name in the market.

Before the Mobile charger products industry start-up what you need to know ?


  • First you need to have a soldering machine ready. It costs only 290 Rs per set…
  • Then buy mobile charger case or cabinet with the plug point.
  • Now take the Mobile charger PCB () with USB port and solder it to the plug point of the mobile charger outer case
  • Finally attach the USB cable to the USB Port of the PCB board.

License, registration, and permissions required to start a Mobile Charger production business

  • Factory license
  • GST registration

Can we get funds from bank for Mobile charger manufacturing business ?

It all depends on what level of investment you want to make.

You could start by reselling a product another factory makes. You would only need to meet their minimum quantity. My guess would be about $1000-$10000.

You could customize the plastics and discuss with a manufacturer to get a custom shape. That would run you about $10000-$500000.

You could rent space, build your own factory, buy equipment, hire workers, line up compliance testing, have sales, engineers and product managers. That would cost over $1million.

You will get funds based on your authorised bank.

Benefits of mobile charger business

Due to the high demand for mobile chargers, lakhs of rupees are earned in this business. That is, you have to make a profit of at least 50 thousand rupees from this business.  

If you are thinking to start Mobile charger manufacturing business , what are chances of success ?

Minimum Price of the charger in the local market = 90 Rs

The minimum price of the Charger in the wholesale market = 45 to 50 Rs

Production rate of a single charger = 26 Rs

Therefore if you sell 100 pieces, you will get

( 26-45 ) x 100 = 19×100 = 1900 Rupees

Now, only this much knowledge is not enough you have to take training.

Major countries where Mobile charger products are produce

Regionally, the mobile charger market is segmented into North America; Latin America; Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA); and Asia-Pacific (APAC).

Mobile charger marketing strategies

Mobile Charger Making Business Marketing: – Marketing of any product is necessary because if the customer does not know about the product, then he will buy where, how should the budget be kept for this marketing and marketing can be done in many ways and more sales. Give a free sample to a big mobile store for Mobile Charger Making Business Hindi) and do good marketing and can get ads on TV.

Mobile charger sales strategies

Retail spaces are in a state of the significant commercial need to draw more customers into their brick and mortar stores. The UK’s high streets suffered 5,855 store closures in 2017, more than any year since 2010, with the pace of closures increasing substantially in the second half of the year, reflecting the switch to online shopping, combined with rising staff and business rate costs.

What cost require to start Mobile charger manufacturing business ?

How much it cost to start the mobile manufacturing business?
  • Soldering machine = 290 Rs
  • Mobile Charger Outer Case with the Plug Point = 3 Rs (5000 Qty min order) = 15000 Rs
  • Mobile charger PCB board with USB Port = 11 Rs (5000 Qty min order) = 55000 Rs
  • USB cable = 12 Rs (1000 Qty min order) =12000 Rs

What machinery required to start Mobile charger manufacturing business ?

  • You need a soldering machine 
  • Mobile charger outer case with plug pointMobile charger PCB board
  • USB cable

What planning required to start Mobile charger manufacturing business ?

  • First you have to buy the outer case of a standard mobile charger
  • Then buy a mobile charger PCB board with USB connection.
  • Then buy the USB cable wire.
  • Finally you should solder the PCB with plug point attached to the outer case.
  • That’s all you are now ready to sell your mobile charger through the wholesale market

Problems facing by Mobile charger manufacturing industry

There is some risk in the business of becoming a mobile charger. Because a mistake in the process of making your mobile charger can cost your customer heavy. And it can also hurt you a lot. So you have to make a good quality charger for your business.

So, In this way, you can start manufacturing mobile chargers even at home. And you can get good profit. This is the best opportunity to earn lakhs from which you will earn the best. And you will not even need to know anywhere outside.

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