Chocolate making business success story 2021 start-up.

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This article is all about a chocolate making business success story.

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Hi, today in our studio we have innovative magnetic personality Sagar Upadhye’s Chocolate making business success story how have success-fully started chocolates and soft-drinks business. He completed graduation in, he is from commerce stream Around 8 year experience in sales and marketing filed. I am very happy to have you sir in our studio.

Sagar upadhye

1)Why you left your previous job?  

CORONA!! Haha just kidding. No actually before the corona I have made a mind to do something out of frame. Which will give me my own identification, own platform for the chocolate-making business.

2) How this idea came to your mind?  

Since I was in the Cafe Coffee Day that time I got interest to making a chocolate once I made it,  which it was  became silky chocolate after that I didn’t try  it ever ha ha ,  2 years spending in Bangalore I switched city and Company actually it was a banking sector and there I was working in phone banking department anyhow my colleagues got to know i make homemade  chocolate,  there was occasion of Diwali festival,  in our  Bank  they kept  food stall competition. my team leader had  putted my name among with my selected   colleagues  in that competition.

Idea about chocolate making business and its success story!!

Everyone had to make different dishes asper their speciality, No Doubt  I Had to make Chocolates around 50-60, It was like all sudden task i have to achieve in less time, I had only one night to prepare my chocolates with unfixed recipe with no particular ingredients.  but I didn’t hesitate, because I had previous small experience how should be the taste make happy.  Then I had basic components for making chocolates. I made sugar syrup and put some dry fruits and the main part of cocoa powder. And compound in the fancy mould and wrapped it in a fancy cover.  

Competition risk!!

Competition day had arrived, every department had theirs own stall. Seems, they were looking our strong competitors, with nervous mind me and my  colleagues start to sell our food items at the beginning of competition no one had shown interest in our stall we were like looking each other but didn’t give up we started to give hundred percent fore to appeal staff customers, in between one staff customer came and asked chocolate rate , i told him 10/-  per piece he took U turn hahaha others stall was like gaining profit mode and yet we haven’t start selling at least one piece of chocolates , my  colleagues had started telling me, reduce the price of chocolates make it half price, they were like forcing me, but i had Confidence on my product.


Suddenly one lady from our legal team has board on our stall , and she asked for 2 chocolates finally she bought with said price And then miracle happened after having two chocolates she rushed on our stall and asking few more chocolates as well she started canvasing to others staff to have this chocolates its yummy and so different. And believe me guys in fraction of minute  total crowd had jumped on our stall to have the chocolates with as it is rate of chocolate, within few minutes my Chocolates bucket got empty as well our other food items got over than others it was like win -win situation in the last moment match totally turned to our side and we won the competition.

It was turning point in my life bcoz it was going to start new identification for me to others from the next day, i had started to take new orders for same chocolates in our office. It was that Moment !! The whole idea of chocolate making had Born from that Day! you can say. And result is in front of you :)) 

3)Can anyone start this type of business of chocolate making success story?  

Yes! Obviously! But i would rather say in this world you can start any business , but there experienced people says ‘It’s easy to start business but it’s hard to keep maintain the business for long term. Likewise if you have really will power and some little  creativity then welcome to this business. 🙂  

4) What is your opinion regarding this business

Less investment high profit chocolate making Business,

Let’s discuss this business idea of choco history. The Chocolate history began 4000 years back in ancient Mesoamerica present day we call Mexico, earlier civilization Latin America. They used to drink chocolate during rituals and used it as medicine.  

chocolate history
Chocolate history and recipe
chocolate was used for medicine

During the 15th century Aztecs used cocoa beans as currency. They believed chocolate was a gift from God so it was like wisdom for them in Mayan’s culture 

How Day passed, years passed  all over world trend has changed and some well known chocolate industry has formed in this world like snikers, Mars, Cadbury  , Nestle products. All these company have been ruling all over the world in the chocolate industry.  

Now let’s turn to our country, when Britisher came to our country they brought cocoa fruit from South America and from that time chocolate industry grown in our country. now the chocolate industry is the fastest growing industry in India.  

Then in 20th century IT hub launched in India, as soon as chocolate industry got boom!!!in the market , how the Western culture transformed in our culture same it happens with chocolate word as well. Customers began to ask new variety of  tastes. from this requirements made platform to homemade chocolate production.  

Believe me, now days people prefers customized chocolates which make feel them uniqueness.  

Some enthusiastic crazy people like me they converts hobby to business and earns lot money.  

After I started the business I got realised very badly, that I am totally gone mad to make chocolates. So, I decided to wrap them in attractive packets and sell.  

5)How many types of the recipe have you invented?  

In the beginning, I  have done basic chocolate making course in Pune city. I got an idea that how to use compound chocolate. And to make various type of chocolate with a yummy taste. But somewhere I didn’t satisfied with this limited knowledge:). So, I started to approach people who have good advanced knowledge about Professional looking Chocolate yes you heard right! professional Chocolate.  

After all my efforts, I have met few people who got enough knowledge about chocolate. They advised me  ” If you have to make some own creation then focus totally on basics and science behind the taste, you will get automatically the answer ” “Try with new things, new ingredients it’s all about Harmony between your taste and your soul, try with cocoa beans ” That’s all that the last statement made my eyes open towards the new world of chocolate. After all uncertain attempts, I have made some new varieties of bars from that day started off my business journey.  

Apart of common 20 to 30 recepies I have invented 12 more chocolate recepies  

Which if anyone interested I will teach through online classes.  

But I would strongly recommend those who are really excited or interested, don’t do business if you thinking only you want to earn  money, don’t set moto to earn only money instead of giving satisfaction, creativity to the customers.  

Then this filed is not yours.  

6)Are you happy with your business decision or in your previous job and chocolate making business success story?  

In this world, no one would be a person such as who doesn’t like chocolates, ha! very rare cases will be found they don’t like it, strange. By the way, when your hobby converts into earning platform, that works never feel like Work it becomes an addiction. So if you can find a lot of successful entrepreneur’s life history they have done what they like most. What work gives them happiness, satisfaction. Not just like them but at a nutshell level, I am stepping forward to their ideal path. Here you can say yes I am happy with my decision.  

 7) Any message to the viewers regarding the chocolate making business success story?  

First of all, remove all Negativity, keep away negative people from your life. Do whatever you like, don’t waste time running behind bullshit things, which makes you weak!! If you seriously follow all these things trust me you will become automatically a Positive approach person. And once this positive approach becomes a habit no one can stop you to achieve your goal. Then the sky is the limit!! Stay happy stay safe. Thank you!!  

Online chocolate teaching classes
Chocolate making practically teaching
Final day of workshop

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