groundnut oil mill, how to start a groundnut oil company

groundnut oil mill

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groundnut oil mill or groundnut oil business helps to earn as many profits as it is necessary in all houses, restaurants etc.

scope of groundnut oil mill business

Groundnut oil has good export potential making the groundnut oil production business a profitable venture. Oil is the best business idea and also you can earn good profit in this industry Over 85% of the oil from the seed is extracted using the mechanical press. Groundnut undergoes many processes to produce most of its oil content. hence it has good scope in world. it has no limitation to expand you product

The raw material required for manufacturing groundnut oil mill

groundnut oil manufacturing raw material requirement is only groundnut itself but it is called as original extraction oil of groundnuts. know a days oil available in the market is process oil it is added many ingredients at the time of groundnut oil refined. before starting an industry you have to decide you want to sell original oil or process oil .you can also say like that Refined oil or Filtered oil.

Major countries where groundnut is produced

  1. China is number one in producing groundnut
  2. Even India is the second number in producing groundnuts
  3. Nigeria, Sudan and the USA are also major countries producing groundnuts

Major states of India where groundnut is produced

If you are planning to import or purchase groundnuts from India you should know major states so you can skip mediators and purchase groundnuts directly list as follow

  1. Gujarat
  2. Andrapradesh
  3. Karnataka
  4. Tamilnadu
  5. Maharashtra
  6. Uttarpradesh
  7. Panjab
  8. Rajasthan
  9. Madhya Pradesh

What is a filtered groundnut oil mill?

After extraction of oil from groundnuts you can also filter with the help of a machine. In this process mostly do not use any other ingredients to filter groundnut oil.

What is Refined groundnut oil?

Simultaneously, after extraction of oil from groundnuts it is refined with help of a machine in this process mostly use other ingredients to refined groundnut oil.

groundnut oil Demand in the market

In addition, Peanut or groundnut oil is a well-established product that is used high in several Asian foods and cuisines. Peanut oil is an edible vegetable oil that is derived from peanuts. It is used either as a base for cooking (cooking oil) or to enhance the flavour of the underlying food. hence for a long time groundnut oil is used in cooking there is the maximum demand in the market

groundnut oil Marketing

if you are planning to start the groundnut oil industry you should study market properly. without studying market you will not get proper results. even though market potential is high . it is like jumping in ocean without knowing swimming. you should get training from government institutions or private institution where you can learn about groundnut oil manufacturing process

groundnut oil sales

It is big market for groundnut oil in local as well as international market. it means sales is also double compare to other products but every product selling and presenting in front of public is different. before starting groundnut oil business you should now all important factors about groundnut sales in local market as well as international market.

Funding from the bank for groundnut oil manufacturing company

Banks also provide different types of customized loans as per your requirement.

1) Firstly, If you want only working capital, then banks provide cash credit or overdraft facility.

2) Secondly, If you want only working capital, then banks provide cash credit or overdraft facility.

3) If you only need finance for purchasing machinery, then you can also apply for machinery hypothecation.

4)you can also apply for total project finance.

Government support for a funding manufacturing company

Recently, there are many schemes of government you can also apply for groundnut oil manufacturing company startup.

Does location matter to start a manufacturing company

No as looking at to above points we can assume that to start a groundnut oil manufacturing company hence, we do not need a location. so, you can start a groundnut oil manufacturing company from any area.

groundnut oil manufacturing business registration and licensing

  1. business registration:- proprietorship , partnership, private LTD , public LTD
  2. MSME udyog adhhaar registration
  3. trade mark registration
  4. ISO registration
  5. FSSAI registration
  6. AGMARK registration

Competitors in groundnut oil manufacturing company in India

groundnut oil manufacturer in India

  1. fortune ground nut oil manufacturer
  2. Patanjali ground nut oil
  3. Dhara groundnut oil
  4. Gulab oil
  5. gemini groundnut oil
  6. and many more

Investment to start groundnut oil manufacturing industry

Additionally, as compared above l information we have come to know there are two types of industry in groundnut oil manufacturing

  1. filter groundnut oil manufacturing industry
  2. refined oil manufacturing industry

refined groundnut oil manufacturing industry start-up cost is higher as compared to filter groundnut oil manufacturing company. on average it cost 2 lakh per machine and depend the capacity of production you select

Machine required to start groundnut oil manufacturing company

  1. Seed cleaning unit
  2. Dust Blower
  3. Cyclones
  4. Hammer Mill
  5. Screw conveyor
  6. Bucket elevator
  7. Roller crusher
  8. Screw press
  9. Filter press
  10. Holding tank
  11. Pumps
  12. Neutralizer
  13. Bleacher
  14. Vacuum pump
  15. Condenser
  16. Deodorizer
  17. Water treatment Set
  18. Boiler

Planning to start industry groundnut oil manufacturing industry the

  1. Before starting this industry work out on following steps
  2. Later you have to study market
  3. Also, you have to study the sales system
  4. Later You have to study raw material availability
  5. study what to do what to not
  6. information about processing line technical study
  7. You should also have to know the investment of your funds
  8. prepare project report yourself not to download from internet or don’t refer readily made project report prepare on your study so you can get exact knowledge
  9. However, you should know information about licensing
  10. Then, competitors in your area where you are starting from
  11. Finally, don’t directly start your manufacturing company on the basis of internet or YouTube research. Join any government training institute or private institute where you can study groundnut manufacturing company details
  12. hey, I always suggesting for my followers because if you are searching for this industry it is your dream project. I understand,so as a friend I always suggest go for training and become an expert because experts never fail

Problems facing by ground nut oil manufacturing company

So, as per research this are common factors why groundnut oil manufacturing fail

  1. without research starting industry
  2. And without planning starting industry
  3. without finance planning starting industry
  4. bank loan or any other hand loan fund management
  5. without training starting industry

conclusion of our groundnut oil manufacturing study, “you can start this industry from any location and expand you business there is no limitation if you have no funds you can raise it from bank or private institution but without training of this industry we cannot succeed in groundnut oil manufacturing industry”

become expert because experts never fail

If you are planning to start go for training given below ..

So, Hi friends!

if you want to study the detail information then click on the below link.

groundnut oil mill
Groundnut oil mill tutorial

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