small business ideas you can start from Rs 10,000

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what business can I start with 10000 rupees in India?

small business ideas are a very good decision to start a new start-up a business is risk-free. you can scale up your business from small scale to large scale

#1 start your own youtube channel from your home

YouTube is the second large most use platform in world to search information. you can start your own you tube channel promote your passion .you can earn from your YouTube channel example you can promote products and earn sponsorship even after you get eligible from you tube company you can also earn money from you tube company.

# 2 Travel bookings and travel planner small business ideas

travel booking can get you 5 % to 10 % commission on each booking. you can also work as a travel planner it’s a very good option where you can earn commission on bookings of tickets, hotel booking commission, as well as the site, seeing commissions, in short, you can earn good amount on bookings . after some period you can start your own travel company lunching your presence on the online platform

# 3 Real estate consultant business ideas

real estate business is good opportunity for consulting business you can work for property rent promoter and new old property selling consultant.

every day some one is searching for rent property where you can earn one month rent commission from buyer and seller even when some one sell property you earn commission and some one buy property you earn commission its good and risk free business after having your own maximum client data base you can also start tie up with property builders where you can earn good amount on pre booking of property

# 4 Legal documents consultant business idea

you can work for preparing pan card, ration card, passport, visa, adharcard, shop act registration, company registration, GST registration there is much more potential in this business where you get daily clients for new document preparation and old document correction. service charges are different for every service you give on average 100 rs to 1000 rs service are charged by the consultant. on an average daily basis, you earn 3000 rs to 10,000 depending on how you trite clients and create a good network

# 5 wedding planner business idea

start as wedding planner its non-stoppable business where every day we get clients you earn good commission at time of registration and also at time of mirage fixing. you can scale your business after you get success in 50 plus marriages . you can upgrade your business online platform and get national level clients

# 6 Mobile repairing the business idea

mobile is commonly use by every single person and as compare to company service center people prefer private repairing shop as they cost very low .

to start mobile repairing business you have to learn mobile repairing and start mobile repairing from any where .you have to tie ups with small mobile shops where you can get work from shops as well as you can tie up with village mobile recharge shops so they can collect clients mobile and give repairing work to you. after you get maximum tie ups you can start mobile spare parts business where you can earn good amount on sale.

as we know 10 to 30 percent margin is available on mobile spare parts

# 7 Garment tailoring business idea

garment tailoring business idea is good for gents and as well as ladies. You can start tailoring business from home. you have to grow a personal relationship with clients so you can get clients.

# 8 online bakery business

if you are good at bakery cakes making you can start your work from home take orders from Facebook what’s the app and grow your business. even you can tie up with a small bakery how are depend on other bakery production .you can earn a good amount and after you get a good amount of capital you can start your own bakery shop.

# 9 Yoga training small business ideas

know a day’s everyone is health-conscious you can start yoga training by one to one personal coaching .where you don’t need a classroom or any other requirement you can personally go to student home and teach yoga. After some time you get perfect and get monthly good earnings. Sp. you can start your own yoga training centre. scale your business by the franchise model

# 10 sports training small business ideas

if you are good at sports you can tie up with any school for using their playground. Then you can take training classes and earn a good income. After you get good admissions you can start conducting competitions in your city. Where you can get a good amount from sponsorship as well as from participants

there are many business ideas you can start from zero investment and scale up. Basic thing is you have to take action on your decision.

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