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Spykar Jeans success story

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Spykar jeans is an Indian clothing brand that has a variety of products. They have provided clothing for the last fifteen years, the products are mainly for the present generation youth.

in india Spykar jeans Lifestyle aims to offer complete styling solutions to customers through the Spykar Style Lab and has a wide reach to more than three million customers, influencing the youth culture across India. 

Spykar jeans startup

Sanjay Vakharia | Co-founder and CEO | Spykar jeans

board of director

Sanjay Vakharia is more than just the Director and COO of Spykar Lifestyle Private Ltd . he’s the visionary behind the brand image and marketing strategies. that have made Spykar a household name since its founding in 1992. Sanjay has been with Spykar since its very inception. and his sharp business acumen has propelled him to the top position he holds today. As the mastermind behind Spykar’s overall marketing and brand communication . he has earned international recognition for his work . he’s even responsible for setting up the brand’s marketing networks in the US and UK markets . he expertise extends beyond fashion . he’s also served as the Marketing Manager for Spykar’s Toys and Games Division. Today, as head of manufacturing and marketing for denim company Rags, Sanjay continues to inspire and innovate. guiding Spykar as it retails through over 900 multi-brand outlets across India .

Spykar jeans launching

Spykar jeans was first launched in 1992. Spykar aimed at being the youth brand, serving the youth all over India.

Spykar understood the demands of the changing clothing market and provided the youth with the latest and relevant fashion wear.

The brand targeted to become one of the leading companies in the matter of producing the best jeans in the Indian market. They aimed to provide products that will be attractive to the youth.

The Indian apparel industry is known for its varied clothing and to set a strong foot in the market they needed to produce the best. jeans to fashionable types of denim, jackets .

Spykar has a wide variety of products like shirts, t-shirts, non-denim tops, and bottoms for both men and women.

Spykar’s products have gained immense popularity over the years. its products are constantly in demand for the past two decades of its existence.

They also have an array of other items which include fashion accessories like belts, socks, perfumes deodorants, and designer bags


Spykar decides its prices keeping in mind the fluctuating Indian market. The target customers of the Spykar brand are the youth of present India. they have to price their products moderately to encourage them to invest in their products like jeans .
The prices of the products are moderate . They even give offers and discounts over the year to increase sales in the year.

Spykar jeans goodwill

Spykar is present in almost all the major metropolitan cities. like Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Pune in India.
Spykar has a massive distribution channel they have exclusive brand outlets and provide their products in retail stores.
They have more than two hundred brand outlets . multi-brand outlets more than nine hundred stores. and large format stores in the form of Shopper’s Stop. Big Bazaar, Globus, Lifestyle, Pantaloons, Pyramids, and others.
Its products of Spykar are easily found in the market for customers in the cities . as well as in smaller towns across the country.
The company focuses on expanding its distribution channel to get more market share in the southern and northeastern regions.

Campaigning by spykar jeans

Spykar has been ruling the competitive market in India and for staying relevant they invested in various advertisements.
They have used various platforms like television, and social media to promote their products.
Mainly the promotions are highly centered on Facebook & YouTube . because youth spend more time on that platform. it becomes an easy way to promote their products.
The company has recently launched a TVC .which promotes its four-way stretch jeans. which will provide maximum comfort to its customers.

Leveraging Technology

Modern-day businesses are incomplete without technological processes. For Spykar also, technology is integral to its everyday operations related to production, supply, and retail. As per Vakharia, at the store level, the company uses internally developed software systems. As regards back-end operations, the company has installed in-house developed software called Retail Gear for their warehousing and inventory management.
For front-end operations. it has employed in-house developed software called Retail SPY, which takes care of inventory management . and related billing in addition to accounting. Furthermore, the company utilizes barcode systems for hassle-free merchandise management.
The technology has enabled it to keep track of a huge range of products . as they are manufactured. distributed, stocked, and retailed through the remotest corners of the country. To enhance consumer connection and brand recall, Spykar makes optimum use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Spykar jeans Store Operations

The company’s operational philosophy is to improve its business practices, create superior systems, and provide excellent retail experience to customers. Says Vakharia: “At Spykar’s exclusive stores . every aspect – right from the theme, aesthetics, music, to the assortment of apparel and accessories displayed is fine tuned to create a customer-friendly ambiance. The floor plans and displays are done keeping in mind to maximize product accessibility and mobility inside the store.
The in-house visual merchandising (VM) team makes constant efforts . and also provides a snapshot of varied looks and combination styles and helps them select suitable options.” In line with its efforts to offer a better customer experience, Spykar has introduced a whole new store design in 2013.

Winning Customers

Spykar’s unique selling point is that it stays up to date on the most recent trends. market dynamics, consumer aspirations. Vakhaira asserts: We put in a lot of effort to come up with new ideas . and introduce new cuts, styles, and fabrics to the market. We explore an extraordinary arrangement on frill too. We typically introduce the most recent fashions and trends to the Indian consumer first.
He guarantees that Spykar has the best fits and plans in its collection for Indian crowds . since it plans specifically for them. He claims that product development receives a lot of attention from the brand. It introduced additional sizes in 2013 (XS, XXXL, 42, 44, and so on). to take care of more seasoned clients. It has been able to reach a new group of customers as a result of this. Newer and more fashionable styles have also been presented to its target audience.

Spykar jeans Promotions

These days showcasing endeavors are confronted with many testing, with buyers .becoming undeniably more cognizant and always flickering. any kind of promotion necessitates careful brand strategy to pique their interest. The vehicles used to publicize the brand are a blend of regular. and contemporary media alongside the main.
The Spykar marketing team also participates in activities like events, and promotions for the purpose of building the brand. Vakharia asserts that the brand’s marketing communications have evolved in response to the shifting .preferences and requirements of its discerning customers.
As a result, it continues to be a goal for them. Regarding Spykar’s most recent advertising campaign, “Bring It On,” which encourages young people to dream big. live life to the fullest, and be ready to face obstacles. along the way, he claims that the concept has been well. received by the target audience of young people.

Diversifying Growth of Spykar jeans


Throughout our journey thus far, quality has been and will continue to be our driving force. “Even in the early days, we perfected our core product. “denim,” to such an extent that our competitors collected it to attempt to match us .both in terms of design and quality,” Vakharia claims.
For the greatness of its business, the brand has received numerous honors and awards. it has won the award. for “The Best Wear Brand of the Year and Item Trailblazer” several times in a row.
At the ninth Yearly Pictures Design Gathering, it additionally got the “Pundit’s Decision for Spearheading Exertion in Brand Creation” grant. In addition to introducing new products in the apparel and accessories categories. Spykar wants to expand at a faster rate by entering new product categories. The organization has granted permission to major corporations to produce eye-wear, gear, clothing, perfumes, and toiletries, among other items.

The Future plan

Despite uncertainty in the market, Spykar is looking to expand. “We aim to have our shop-in-shops and multi-brand outlets spread across 500 towns. We also hope to have our standalone stores spread to 200 cities soon,” Sanjay says. To do this, the company plans to add around 30 to 40 exclusive brand stores a year. It also seeks to simultaneously strengthen its presence on e-commerce platforms. “The women swear segment will also contribute noticeably in the coming years. In terms of product line, we are also getting into the denim leisurewear space,” he says.


In the casual wear category, the Spykar brand now owns more than 14% of the market. The business makes a lot of money, more than 300 crores.
They have a lot of success online, selling a lot of their products through online e-commerce platforms.
Spykar’s jeans’ success is largely due to its low prices and widespread market appeal.
Spykar has built the brand from the ground up by participating in events and promotions. This allows Spykar to connect with youth at their level and quickly gauge their responses and preferences.


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