Ice cream cone manufacturing, the Best business opportunity.

ice cream cone manufacturing

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Ice cream cone manufacturing, Ice cream is a frozen dairy dessert obtained by freezing the ice cream mix with continuous agitation. It contains dairy and non-dairy ingredients. It had its origins in Europe and was introduced to the United States, where it developed into an industry.

Scope of Ice cream cones manufacturing business

The average cost margin of ice cream (depends on the amount of materials you use in producing the ice cream) is around 40%. This is italian gelatto where you serve the ice cream without a specific measurement so your costs can vary due to the size of each portion you serve.

About the brand, you should focus on your unique value proposition and what kind of ice cream you are selling. We import the pastry from Italy and the fruits and milk from our country. Your ROI depends on your sales price and costs. If you focus on high market ice cream you can charge high and keep costs down.

How much demand in the market for Ice cream cones manufacturing

Demand for regular ice cream is projected to stay at its current volume, but will remain the largest segment through 2022. Population growth will support sales, but continued slight annual declines in per-capita consumption of regular ice cream will thwart gains. Reduced fat and nonfat ice cream is expected to be the fastest-growing segment over the forecast period, driven by projected increases in the population of adults 25 years and older and slight gains in per-capita consumption.

The global ice cream cone industry is estimated to reach $74.96 billion by 2024. Popular brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Blue Bell, Breyers and Haagen-Dazs dominate the U.S. market. Familiarize yourself with these brands and see what makes them so popular.

Depending on your business model, you can start a small business that sells the most beloved ice cream brands along with beverages and other treats. In this case, you must reach out to suppliers and distributors, rent storage space and order large batches. Next, you can rent an ice cream truck and sell your products.

What Raw material required for Ice cream cone business?

Mainly two type of Process involve in Ice Cream Cone Manufacturing:

Mechanical press Process: Edible cone Manufacturing process is basically a mechanical press operation. In this process initially, cornflour and wheat flour mixed with water and the required quantity of colours and flavours are added.  After that This dough is fed into the mould of cone making machine and then the press is operated and moulded cones are baked separately and packed. This Process is a low-cost Process.

Before the Ice cream cone manufacturing industry start-up what you need to know?

Market Analysis

Arrange Finance

Registration and License

Unit Set-up

Purchase an Ice-cream cone making machine

Hire Manpower

Procure Raw Material

Can we get funds from the bank for the ice cream factory?

Finance is the backbone of any business format. The financial requirements for your business will depend upon your unit size and desired production output. If you are willing to go for a business loan, make sure you connect with only the lending institutions. Also, don’t forget to consider both fixed cost and working capital cost while applying for the loan.

If you are thinking to start Ice cream cone product business, what are the chances of success?

The ice cream cone market is highly competitive. After all, millions of stores are selling this tasty treat. To succeed, you must stand out from the rest and come up with a unique offering. More than ever before, customers are focusing on their health, so use this to your advantage. Luckily, there are countless options when it comes to this kind of product.

Consider selling organic ice creamartisanal ice cream or sugar-free varieties. Focus on particular specialties, such as Italian gelato, goat’s milk ice cream or funky flavors. You may also sell related products like frozen yogurt, hand-dipped milkshakes or handmade ice cream cakes. Remember, you can’t be all things to all people, so focus on a specific audience to boost your chances of success.

Promote your small ice cream business in the local community. Be active online, print out flyers and leaflets, and attend food fairs and festivals. Invite customers to sample free ice cream and try your latest flavors.

What investment require to start Ice cream cone products manufacturing business?

You can start an ice cream cones business with a minimal investment of INR 3-5 lakhs. Moreover, if you are selling around 12 lakh cones in a month, you can expect a monthly earning of Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 1.50 lakhs.

As far as the profit margin is concerned, it can fall in the range of 30%-50% if you are following a planned marketing strategy. Coming to manpower, you can easily operate an ice-cream cone business with 8-10 employees.

What machinery required to start this business?

Once you are done with the floor plan, it is time to procure an ice-cream cone making machine for your unit. Here are some important pointers for you:

Make sure you go for an automatic cone making machine only. It includes a dough kneader, softer, weighing scales, and sugar pulveriser.

Apart from this, you will also need to get some advanced lab equipment and office furniture for your unit.


The Ice-cream cone business is affordable, comes with huge profit margins, and has a bright future in India. Moreover, excellent marketing strategies will help in creating lasting brand awareness and brand loyalty.

So, the above information tells us the deep knowledge but without training you cannot start the business

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ice cream cone manufacturing

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