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biscuit manufacturing

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biscuit manufacturing depends on many factors, so it is not possible to give a number. Just understand that there is no shortage of even the earners of the month and the losers of it like every business.

Scope of Biscuit manufacturing business

The biscuit making business has a huge potential market;

Every morning biscuit are must be on a plate too deep in tea or milk to take a bite of crispy delicious biscuits, therefore it is a household item that always present in the glossary list.

The demand for biscuits is always high in every class of people whether it is urban or ruler biscuits have got equal demand.

The biscuits market is all about planning and strategy for promoting and sell of biscuit, it is an industry that required innovative packagingnew flavours, some innovative and unique ideas and of course health-conscious ingredient.

What Raw material required for the Biscuit manufacturing business?

As we all know that the primary raw material required for biscuit making is wheat flour. This item is not sufficient to prepare the biscuits.

Proper packaging is important otherwise, the biscuits will lose their crispness. The process of manufacturing biscuits is very simple.

Before the Biscuit manufacturing industry start-up what you need to know?

Knowledge of Biscuits and Cookie Industry

      Therefore, its demand always remains in the market. At the same time, there are already many manufacturers of biscuits in the market, who make various types of biscuits and sell them to the people. Talk about the target of this business i.e. the main customers. Children often like biscuits, due to which many people enter this business every year.

Today, we are going to give you important information related to this business in our article. With the help of the information given by us, you too can start your business easily.

Biscuits Market Demand & Future Potential

      Before starting any business, you need to know how the situation of that business is in your country. There are many such businesses, which run well in other countries of the world, but in your country, those business conditions are not very good. Therefore, before starting any business, get a good idea about how the market of that business is. On the other hand, if we talk about the business of biscuits in India. Then of all the business in India related to food, the most profitable business is that of biscuits. . In such a situation, starting this business can be quite beneficial.       

If seen, there is a lot of competition in this field, yet the small scale biscuit industry is growing very fast. Due to the rapid growth of this business, people associated with this sector are earning a lot of money. The main reason for the biscuit industry is the easy availability of machines in its own country.

Biscuits and Cookie Making Machinery and Equipment

       If you want to start biscuit making business on a large scale, then you will need machinery for biscuit factory. It is very easy to make cookie recipe, information about their use is given below, which is as follows.

Mixing Machine:

It is used for mixing ingredients. So that a good mixture can be formed. To make biscuits you have to mix many ingredients together and hence mixer is needed for this task. With the help of the mixer, you can mix these ingredients easily. At one time you can mix more than 20 kg of ingredients together with the help of a mixer. To make biscuits or other bakery products, a lot of raw material has to be mixed together and for this, you need a mixer.

At the same time, if you want more stuff to be mixed at one time, you can take a big mixer.  Usually in such a mixer, a mixture of 25 kg to 100 kg can be prepared at a time. The capacity of this machine can be increased even more as per the requirement. On the other hand, if you want to get a machine with more power, then it will cost you more.

Machine + Molding and Cutting Machine:

Dropping Machine + Moulding and Cutting Machine: The job of this machine is to shape the biscuits differently and cut the biscuits according to the size. Using this machine, you can give your biscuits a shape. You must have seen many sizes of biscuits in the market and those biscuits are given this size through this machine. At the same time, while purchasing this machine, it must be found out how long this machine can shape the biscuits. So that you get an idea of ​​how many biscuits you can make in how much.

The higher the production capacity per hour of the machine, higher its price. You can buy a machine with 6 or 9 rows in the market whose capacity can range from 150 to 250 Kg per hour. That is, in just 1 hour this dropping machine can give a size of biscuits to raw material ranging from one hundred fifty to two hundred and fifty kilograms.

Commercial Bakery Oven or Baking machine:

Commercial Bakery Owen or Baking machine: The oven helps to heat shaped dough. After which they are ready to eat. Apart from making biscuits, this machine can also help to make many kinds of things. You can make any type of biscuits with the help of this. At the same time, the price of this machine depends on how big a machine you are taking.

Flour Sifter:

Flour sifter is a device that helps to separate impurities from flour or fine flour.

Oil Sprayer:

An oil sprayer helps to sprinkle oil in the biscuits. This process is done when the biscuit is hot, i.e. moving on the conveyor to cool the biscuit.

Dough Making Machine:

This machine helps to make dough for preparing biscuits. This machine also helps to make dough.  If you want, you can run it only by Dropping machine because the drooping machine can make the size and shape of the biscuits without the dough.

Cooling Conveyor:

It helps in cooling hot biscuits.

Sugar Grinder:

Sugar Grinder helps to make fine and grind sugar in the process of making biscuits.

Packing Machine –

You can purchase this machine from the market easily. On the other hand, if you do not have much budget, then you can pack these biscuits by hand. Although it will take a little longer to do so. You can buy the same expensive machine and do many types of packaging or you can take many machines according to different packaging.  

Can we get funds from the bank for the Biscuit manufacturing business?

To start this business, you will need at least 35 lakh rupees in Indian currency or approx. $100000 in USD. On the other hand, if you do not have that much money, then you can take a loan from the banks.     Let’s talk about how much will it cost to run the business every month?

   In every case this number will be different, yet I try to give an estimate, you can calculate it according to your own and make an estimate for yourself.

     If you assume that weekly one day is off and your factory runs 8 Hours in a day for 26 days. Then to run this business, you have to bear these expenses every month.

Case study of Biscuit manufacturing business

In today’s highly dynamic snack markets, with customers constantly on the lookout for new experiences, flexibility is vital for any company’s economic survival. The more flexible the equipment is, the quicker companies can address market demands, which helps them to secure new business. 

a Japanese biscuit and cracker company was looking to boost its manufacturing flexibility. Reaching this goal, however, is not about simply adding a new production hall.

Are biscuit products good for health or not?

The evening snack is tea and biscuits for most people at home and also at office. In corporate offices, we find that those who work in shifts munch on biscuits when they have worked for longer hours. Biscuits are made of refined flour or maida. A single piece of biscuit contains 45 calories. If an individual has had 10 biscuits then it equates to a full thali meal of 450 or 500 calories. This is the extra weight a lot of people are adding to themselves,” explains nutritionist Sunitha Premlatha. 

If you are thinking to start Biscuit manufacturing business, what are the chances of success ?

This depends on many factors, so it is not possible to give a number. Just understand that there is no shortage of even the earners of the month and the losers of it like every business. That means their business goes into a loss and ultimately stops.

  According to the data, about 80 per cent of peoples consume biscuits. At the same time, profit in this business also depends on how much you are spending in making biscuits. If the price of the material you are using is high, then your profit will be less. On the other hand, if the price of the material used by you is low, then you will earn more profit.

Apart from this, how much profit you give to the shopkeeper on your packet of biscuits. Your profit also depends on this thing. At the same time, the companies already exist easily make 15% – 25% profit on the packet of biscuits.

Biscuit products marketing strategies

Currently, the annual growth rate (CAGR) of the biscuit industry is @ 11.27%. Apart from the basic and premium biscuits, the cookie segment has seen a rising growth these days. In India, rural market penetration plays an important role in the overall success of a biscuit brand. Electronics media and outdoor advertising are also very effective in terms of getting public awareness. It is better to cater the local market first. And then expand the area. You must have a proper marketing team to make your biscuit making business a grand success.Biscuit products sales strategies

What process required to start a Biscuit manufacturing business?

Making the dough by mixing the ingredients

The process of fermentation

Giving the shape

Baking the raw biscuit




Hey guys, from the above information we come to know about the investment , knowledge, and training of the biscuit industry, which is essential. Without knowldge and training you may face many hurdles in your life.

So, friends,

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