Binding wire manufacturing business

binding wire business

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Wire binding is a popular commercial bookbinding method and is known by a number of different names including twin loop wire, wire-o, double loop wire, double-o, ring wire and wire bind. With this binding method, users insert their punched pages onto a “C” shaped spine and then use a wire closer to squeeze the spine until it is round. Documents that are bound with wire binding will open completely flat on a desk and allow for 360-degree rotation of bound pages

Scope of binding wire business

Binding wire is used for tying the rebar so that it is held in its position firmly without any displacement.

We provide the rebars and stirrups at a proper center to center distance from each other, as per the design calculation and specification.

When we place the green concrete and vibrate them, the rebar should not be shifted from its given position.

So the binding wires of the proper gauge are used to tie the rebar firmly with one another.

How much demand in the market for binding wire?

  • The avg. market price of Binding Wire in India is Rs 53,000/ onwards.
  • India exported 30160 quantity of Binding Wire in 2018, worth 13.46 USD Million.
  • The top countries which imported Binding Wire from India are Kenya (1.43 USD Million), Nigeria (1.12 USD Million), South Africa (0.66 USD Million).
  • India imported Binding Wire worth 11.74 USD Million in 2018, majorly from countries such as Germany (6.24 USD Million), Japan (1.0 USD Million), China (0.71 USD Million) etc.

What Raw material required for binding wire manufacturing?

Gauge12, 14, 19, 20
Wire MaterialNylon Coated, Galvanized Iron, PVC Coated, Stainless Steel
Quantity Per Pack30-40 kg, 40-50 kg, 10-20 kg, 20-30 kg, 0-10 kg
Wire ColorSilver, Gold, White, Black

Before the binding wire industry start-up what you need to know?

The thumb rule for calculating the weight of the binding wire is 1% of the total weight of the reinforcement bar.

Suppose if the quantity of rebar is 100kg., then the approximate quantity of binding wire required is 1kg. So we can say that for every one ton of rebar purchased, we have to take 10kg. of binding wire.

But, in reality, the weight of the binding wire needed for 1 ton of the rebar varies from 7kg. to 13kg depending upon the diameter of the rebar and some other factors which we will discuss in the next question.

Given below is the approximate weight of the binding wire required, per ton of the rebar of different diameters.

           Rebar diameter                                 Binding wire/ton of rebar

               6mm dia.                                                13kg.

               8mm.  dia.                                              12kg.

             10mm. dia.                                               11kg.

             12mm dia.                                               10kg.

  32mm. dia.                                                 7kg.

Can we get funds from the bank for the binding wire manufacturing business?

Yes definitely…


  • Binding wire manufacturing business the avg. the market price of Binding Wire in India is Rs 53,000/ onwards.
  • India exported 30160 quantity of Binding Wire in 2018, worth 13.46 USD Million
  • From this above information, you might have got a rough idea that this business is a profitable business.
  • But only this information is not enough.

Hence, for a successful business, you need some practical information. For this, we are providing you with a training course.

Click on the below link for training.

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