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pencil manufacturing

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pencil making, The core of a pencil is made of graphite, clay, and water. During the 17th century, the graphite and clay were grounded down by hand, put into a cylindrical mould, and fired in a kiln. Today, pencils are mass-produced by machines that cut down the wood, insert the lead, and stamp or print a design.

Pencil manufacturing process

  1. The wood is softened and cut into slats called “pencil stock” or “pencil squares.”
  2. A wax and stain are applied and the slats are passed under a cutting wheel.
  3. The grooves in the slat are filled with special elastic glue for the lead.
  4. Lead is created by mixing graphite and clay and baking it in an oven at about 1500°F.
  5. After the lead is added, another slat of wood is loaded on top like a sandwich.
  6. A mechanized plunger squeezes the “sandwich” together and the glue dries.
  7. The “sandwiches” are sliced into pencils.
  8. The pencils go through a lacquering head, getting their colour and sheen.
  9. A rubber eraser is added to the top via an assembly machine.

The raw material used for the pencil manufacturing business

The most important ingredient in a pencil is graphite, which most people continue to call lead. Conté’s method of combining graphite with clay is still used, and wax or other chemicals are sometimes added as well. Hence, Virtually all graphite used today is a manufactured mixture of natural graphite and chemicals.

Machinery for pencil making business

You require only one machine to start the business. So, This is called a ‘valve pencil making machine’. Its price starts at Rs 50,000 to 2.5 lakh. Hence, The expensive machine is capable to make more pencils at a time.

Investment for pencil making manufacturing business

In order to start this business, the total cost may take 70-75 thousand. Since this only cost for machine, it helps you to start this business at a very low margin. However, if you are planning to make business at the rented place, you may need to invest extra for space.

Market strategy of pencil making

Make sure that you make quality pencils at keeping a very low price. Additionally, There are a number of competitors in the market who already established and doing very good business. Therefore, You can directly visit the local stationery or contact the supermarket. The best way to start selling your product through students. When your company gets enough reputation, you can approach to a large store. At last, In this way, you can stand your business and make a really good profit.

Pencil making machine

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
Brand Blu Machines
Automation Grade Automatic
Phase Three
Production Capacity 30000 pieces
Power Consumption 14.4 W
Packaging Type Wooden Box
Usage/Application For Making Pencil

Demand for pencil

The demand of wooden pencils is still increasing today, but there exist cheaper alternatives and consumers prefer those cheaper alternatives. The manufacturer also has to pay salaries to the employees. In 2009, all of these factors led to an overall increase in price of about ₹ 5-10 .


From the above information you might have understood the detail study of this business but to earn maximum profit practically you need some knowledge and training.

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pencil making

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