Rubber band manufacturing

Rubber band manufacturing

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rubber band manufacturing, Rubber bands are one of the most convenient products of the twentieth century, used by numerous individuals and industries for a wide variety of purposes. The largest consumer of rubber bands in the world is the U.S. Post Office, which orders millions of pounds a year to use in sorting and delivering piles of mail. The newspaper industry also uses massive quantities of rubber bands to keep individual newspapers rolled or folded together before home delivery.

Demand in market

They are used to suspend hard drives in a computer case. Suspending hard drives help in avoiding contact between the hard drives and the computer case. This in turn results in reducing vibrations to the case, thereby reducing noise in the computer case.

 They are often also utilized in orthodontics. hence, This helps to realign teeth over a period of time.

They can also serve the purpose of an eraser by simply wrapping a rubber band tightly around the end of a pencil.

In fact, wrist rubber bands are an important sports accessories too.

·At last, When the rubber band untwists itself, it will help to rotate the wings affixed to it.

Market Outlook

Rubber bands are one of the most convenient products. Additionally, it is widely used in agriculture, automobile, packaging industry, newspaper industry. It also used as a household consumer durable item. therefore, The Rubber Product Manufacturing industry consists of a large number of small operators that typically focus on one particular product segment or market sector. Hence, The market is huge and there is an immense opportunity in establishing a rubber band manufacturing project.

Hence, Rubber band market potential is huge and the industry will grow at over 8% per annum this decade.

Investment for rubber manufacturing business

You can also start Rubber Band Making Small Manufacturing Business from your home, it needs some sufficient empty space and some local authority permission for a home-based business

Additionally, The minimum area required for rubber band manufacturing business is 1000 sq ft.

If you are thinking for commercial space make sure that they are is having water supply and electricity supply also clear all documentation work with are the owner

Rubber band raw material

The raw material required for Rubber Band Making Small Manufacturing Business is available throughout the year; 70% of your capital will be utilized in purchasing raw material.

Therefore while purchasing raw material you should be aware of the quality and rate of the raw material

Organic rubber comes from latex which is present in external bark and the Cambium layer, through which the rubber tree’s (Heave brasiliensis) sap flows.

Additionally, Latex is fluid that contains a small amount of rubber with protein, sugar and mineral water.

Tapping takes place every next day so rubber harvester take care to tap the same three in a slightly different place every time, each tapping can give us 56 gram of a substance

rubber band making Machines

Weighing Machine, additionally, you can use the readymade rubber band role in this process

Cutting Machine: Cutting machines work automatically. Generally, it cuts the rubber bands of a definite size.

Packing Machine: For the second method for rubber, production required some additional machinery for making rubber roll

The rubber band making process

Step 1. Processing The Natural Latex

Firstly, they remove pure latex by purifying it.

Step 2. Purification And Making Into Slabs

Secondly, Purify the rubber and collect in large vats, combine with the acetic or formic acid, rubber particle combine together and form a slab.

Step 3. Squeezing The Slabs To Required Size

The rubber slab is squeezed between the roller to remove excess water contain and get the required size.

We get the 6 or .9 square meter rubber.

Rubber is proceeding to other steps of the rubber band making. Cut rubber into small pieces.

Step 4. Mixing

The machine mixes the rubber with sulfur to vulcanize.

Add pigments to colour it.

And other chemicals will add to increase the elasticity of the rubber band.

Step 5. Heating and Milling

rubber is heated in In the milling process and squeezes it flat in a milling machine.

Step 6. Extrusion

When the rubber leaves the milling machine it is still hot, then it cut into strips and fed into an extrusion machine which forces the rubber out in long.

Step 7. Curing in Mandrels

The tubes of rubber are a force over aluminium poles called mandrels.

After vulcanization, Rubber is brittle in nature; therefore, it needs to be “cured” before it is elastic and usable; to achieve this, the poles are loaded into the container that is steamed and heated with large machines.

Step 8. Slicing To Form Rubber Bands.

Rubber will remove from the aluminium poles and remove talcum powder.

And loaded it into slicing machine which will sluice rubber into a finished rubber band

Step 9. Weight of Rubber Bands

After slicing and producing a rubber band as the finished product. At last, send to out.

Step 10. Packaging of Rubber Bands

After passing through all the processes rubbers are ready to transport for selling


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rubber band manufacturing

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