Slipper manufacturing

slipper manufacturing

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slipper manufacturing, The slipper making process is very simple. Any individual can initiate a slipper manufacturing business on a small scale basis. Slippers are considered a household consumer durable item and used by men, women, and kids. Slippers are lightweight footwear made up of rubber.

Investment for slipper manufacturing

1.   Fixed capital investment₹ 2 lakhs – ₹ 5 lakhs
2.   Working capital investment₹ 150000

Raw material

The raw material required to run a slipper making business would be:







Scope for shipper manufacturing

Slippers (Hawai Chappals) is close to 10000 crores with per capita consumption are estimated to be 1 pair. Nowadays besides being a necessity, it has become an important fashion accessory available in different designs.

Both the urban and rural population use slippers in India. The product has an export potential also. India is the largest global producer of footwear after China, accounting for approx 13% of world footwear production, which is close to 16 billion pairs. The major importing countries are the USA, Germany, France, and the UK.

Slipper making machine

1.Fly press for the cutting sheet (hand-operated)

2.Drilling machine

3.Finishing machine

4.Cutting dies of different sizes and shapes

5.Hand tools

6.Furniture and equipment

Slipper manufacturing process

Step 1. Buy sheets of rubber and straps.

Step 2. Buy 1 to 9 sized dies and drill machine.

Step 3. Fit the dies in the machine and press machine, the rubber sheet will be cut in particular size or measurement.

Step 4. Get the drill machine.

Step 5. In the drill machine, you can see the punching dies.

Profit margin

Slipper making cost is Rs. 30/- to 40/- per piece and the selling price of these slippers is Rs. 100/- and above. That means per slipper a manufacturer can earn at least Rs. 60/- profit. If the setup is smaller for the manufacturer then with a low quality machine he can produce at least 100 dozens of slippers at a time. That counts at least Rs. 60,000/- and more profit margin for the manufacturer.

Generally in slipper making business, if there is a small setup, Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 20,000/- profit has been seen at the end of the month. If there is a huge setup for the same business, manufacturers can earn Rs. 40,000/- and above for a month.

Market strategy

Slipper is one such thing that is used by almost every household. Chappals or commonly hawai slippers are being used largely by every section of the society. It is obvious that there must be many manufacturers who are in same business. So the marketing strategies must be unique for you to attract more customers towards your product or business.

Firstly it is important to market the product as much as they can. It can happen through advertisements or offers (discounts) and so on. The manufacturer has to make sure that the product gets maximum exposure in the market so that people come and buy your product.

Demand for slipper manufacturing

 Used as a daily foot wear at home,

purpose of commuting

during travelling  

at the place of work : constructional sites etc


The profit margin the slipper making business is likely to yield is at 11%

To know the detail study only knowledge is not sufficient, but also training is necessary.

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slipper manufacturing
slipper manufacturing

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