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stamp making business

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stamp making, People often use rubber stamps in businesses and in schools, but many also enjoy using them just for personal entertainment. For example, a person can use a rubber stamp to mark a report complete or to help decorate a scrapbook. While some people make their own rubber stamps, many others prefer to buy them. Additionally, You can fill a need for rubber stamps in your area by starting your own stamp-making business. You can also sell online to expand your target market.

Types of Rubber Stamps

There are three main types of rubber stamps in use today.

1. Traditional

The traditional is often mounted on a piece of wood which also acts as a holder. A stamp pad has to be used to provide ink to the rubber and transfer the ink onto paper. It is refillable with ink when it dries up. Of the 3 varieties, this is often the most affordable and can be used for larger sizes of imprints. Craft enthusiasts commonly use this type of stamp. Yet, the image created may be blurred due to insufficient ink or pressure used in making the impression.

2. Self-Inking

Self-Inking is usually comes with a mechanism that gives ink to the rubber. An ink pad is built into the stamp. It delivers a richer impression and is well targeted or positioned onto the paper or surface wherever it’s to be placed. At a same time, it’s not untidy, not like traditional stamps. This type of stamp is also known as a pushdown stamp because of the way the rubber is pushed down onto the printing surface. It is also termed a printy.

3. Pre-Inked

Stamps that are pre-inked are the most convenient as the ink or dye is built into the body itself. It is smaller in size than the self-inking type and less bulky. Pre-Inked produces brighter and sharper images than the previous discussed sorts of stamps. Like the self-inking kind, this one is additionally simply focused or positioned. It can produce hundreds if not thousands of impressions because of the special type of ink used. Yet, it is also the most expensive type.

Rubber Stamp Making – Market Potential

Rubber Stamps are extensively used in all offices, business houses and private firms as an official seal of the firm or the person. Also, rubber stamps are used in craft projects for designing purpose. So broadly, we can divide rubber stamp making into two categories depending on their use. These are office rubber stamps making and art rubber stamps making.

Additionally, people use decorative stamps for decorating paper, making special greeting cards, children toys and many other things. People also use these stamps on paper, Greeting Cards, Invitation Cards, Furniture, Clothes, Glassware, Interior decoration and different types of crockery. So, These may be in a single colour or in segments of different colours to make the impression more beautiful, decorative, and attractive.

Investment of rubber stamp making business

Different types of rubber stamps making process involve a different amount of initial cost. Generally, the cost factor depends on machinery cost and raw material cost. Before starting the business, having a customized project report is recommended.

It will also help you in getting manufacturing cost, sale price, gross margin, and net profit. Hence, You can apply for the term loan and working capital loan to your nearby bank or any financial institution.

Rubber stamp making process

The Traditional Way:

The traditional way of rubber stamp making is the oldest rubber stamp method, which totally depends on labor-intensive work. It’s regarded as the cheapest method of making rubber stamps.

The procedure of traditional stamp making process includes;

  • Firstly, The first procedure involves making the stamps by vulcanizing the rubber in a press with the use of a mold.
  • Secondly, The mold is made by joining some letters.
The traditional ways of rubber stamp making are an inexpensive method, but its procedure takes a longer period.

The Modern Way:

Following the introductions of mechanical appliances and the advancement of technology, stamp making process has become very easy in every ramification. Thou this is more expensive than the traditional ways.
This approach of stamp making involves the use of rubber stamp making machines for the production process. The modern way of stamp making is widely used because the machines can do the job in the fastest, perfect and efficient way.

Stamp making machine

 Flash Stamp Making Machine

With Flash Stamp Making Machine, you can produce a stamp in 30 seconds. Just use your computer, a laser printer, and Flash Stamp Making Equipment to start your stamps making business.

Features: Single flash exposure – produce stamps in 30 Seconds
You can make all types of pre-ink stamps
Small and compact design, suites well on table
You can make stamps size up to 100 x 70 mm
Easy to use

2. Polymer Stamp Making Machine

With polymer stamp making a machine, you can make all type of rubber stamps. Just use your computer, laser printer and Photopolymer Stamp Making machine establish a complete in-house stamp production business.

Features: Easy to operate with adjustable time.

You can make Normal, Self-inking, and Date Stamps

Additionally, you can produce up to 40 stamps in one lot

Processing time is 25 minutes

For a successful business what steps you need

  • The sources for funding the business
  • How much investment is required?
  • Strategy Market position
  • Competitiveness
  • Consider Cost of the Rubber Stamps
  • Rubber Stamps Sale Price
  • How Profitable is the business

Raw material for stamp manufacturing

Although stamps were originally printed on sheets of paper that were fed into presses individually, the paper now used comes on a roll. The two kinds of paper most commonly used to print stamps are laid and wove paper, the former with ribbed lines and the latter without. While other nations use both types, the United States presently uses only wove. Either laid or wove paper might feature watermarks, faint designs that result from differences in the pressure applied to various parts of a roll of paper during the production process. Commonly used in other counties, the watermarked paper has not been utilized in the United States since 1915.


People collect stamps for a variety of reasons. It’s an enjoyable pastime, a financial investment, a collection of artwork or a legacy for their heirs and more. You may be interested in the hobby for one or more of these reasons. Hence, No matter why you start your collection, at some point, you might speculate on its value. Maybe you’ll even consider selling it.

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