Staple pins manufacturing

staple pins manufacturing

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staple pins manufacturing, Staple pins are the pins used as an intermediary in the staplers to bunch papers, books, cards, paper bags, clothing etc together, which forces pins to force the paper and the ends are bent to hold them together separately.

Types of staple pins

  • Firstly, Fine wire: used in the upholstery industry
  • Secondly, Medium wire. : used for fixing heavier materials like wood
  • Thirdly, Heavy wire: used on tins and furniture framework

Investment of staple pins

Fixed capital investment  ₹ 2.5 lakhs 
Working capital investment  ₹ 1 lakh

Staple pins making machine

Before installing the machinery, proper layout planning is important. Additionally, You must identify the places for raw material storage, machinery installation space, packaging unit, and storage for finished goods. If you want to operate the whole business from the same space, then you need to have some space for office work also.

Additionally, In starting the manufacturing operation, you will need to install two different machines. One is an automatic staple pin making machine and another one is a Double-ended Bench grinder 8″ wheel size. Hence, According to your desired quality and quantity output, you must identify the right machinery for your project.

Staple Pin Manufacturing Process 

The process of making staple pins also has been simplified with the introduction of sophisticated fully Automatic Staple Pin Making Machines.

Therefore, The preformed round wire is fed to the machine which flattens it and produces the necessary staple pins in pre-determined lengths of 50 staple pins in each length. The formation of this length is assisted by the use of a special staple pin adhesive, also developed in India.

tHEREFORE, Pack the staple pin lengths suitably with each packet containing 1000 pins. Hence, 20 of these packets are packed in a box and 40 of these packets are packed in a cardboard carton.

These are common packaging, you can also develop packaging according to the market demand.

The demand for staple pins

  • Used to staple papers
  • Cheques
  • Common known bills
  • Office documents
  • Sandwich bags
  • Album photos

Market potential

The market potential for staple pins is vast because of the still existing paper based needs of the consumers in the educationalprinting and publishing and office sectors despite of the dependence on the digital technology.


From the above information, you might have understood that this business gives us green signal .

Hence, you don’t only need knowledge but also you need training…..

For training click on the link below…

staple pins manufacturing
staple pins manufacturing

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