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Best Bollywood Movies for Entrepreneurs

There’s no shortage of Movies For Entrepreneurs films if one thinks about realistic commitments across the globe every year. A new subgenre has emerged as a result of movies like “The Wolf of Wall Street.” pioneering film. When it comes to making movies that promote entrepreneurship and the startup culture, India is the best in the world. Business movies from Bollywood and Hollywood can teach you a lot about how to start and run a business. Baazaar and other Bollywood films are altering the Indian populace’s mentality towards the universe of business. In contrast, Hollywood business films like The Godfather and The Pursuit of Happiness are unrivaled!

To construct his very own profession, the moment is not too far off when everything goes downhill, leaving you vulnerable and underconfident. Inspiration is a variable everybody needs on an ideal premise to continue onward. Indeed, even the best business visionaries need inspiration and motivation every once in a while. One tried and true method for motivating yourself is to watch inspirational movies.

Whether you appreciate understanding books, gorge web series or like to watch films, we have all of you covered! If you like movies, you can find a list of some fantastic movies that can help entrepreneurs in this article.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best business-related movies from Bollywood and Hollywood for entrepreneurs. Regardless of whether you’re not remotely connected with business, these films will in any case help you with extraordinary experiences and learnings. Have some good times watching these Hindi and English business motion pictures!

List of Bollywood Business Movies For Entrepreneurs

  1. Guru
  2. Bazaar
  3. Rocket Singh-Salesman of the Year
  4. 3 idiot
  5. Band Baaja Baarat
  6. Wake up sid
  7. Badmaash Company
  8. Hindi Medium
  9. Corporate
  10. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
  11. Bhag Milkha Bhag
  12. Raajneeti

Bollywood Business Movies For Entrepreneurs

Nowadays, Bollywood releases high-quality films every other day. The Bollywood Business films on the list are notable attempts to make high-quality films that exude inspiration and drive. Each film out there, be it Bollywood or Hollywood, has some things to instruct. The following is a list of Hindi films about business and entrepreneurship:

1. Guru (Movies For Entrepreneurs)

Guru is without a doubt Abhishek Bachchan’s most successful film. Dhirubhai Ambani, the man who established the Reliance Group, is brilliantly depicted in the film. The audience and critics who saw the movie were able to examine Dhirubhai Ambani’s rise as it was portrayed on the silver screen, despite the fact that the movie’s makers never explicitly stated that the film was Dhirubhai’s story.

Mani Ratnam’s executive resourcefulness makes the film engaging particularly on the off chance that you’re a creative soul looking to begin your own endeavor. You’ll learn a little bit about what it meant to be an entrepreneur in the 1950s! A must-see Bollywood business film, Guru ranks among the best. Self-assurance is the most important lesson for young entrepreneurs. Would what you like to and not what others need you to. which is one of the fundamental tenets of any company. Entrepreneurship is all about being in charge and confident in your decisions.

Release in : 2007

Moral of Movie : Building a successful business requires perseverance and determination.

2. Bazaar

Although Baazaar did not garner much attention, it was warmly received by both the public and the critics. Bazaar, starring Saif Ali Khan, is based on how Dalal Street operates and what takes place behind closed doors. The director has created a fictitious storyline to spice things up. Even though the plot seems to be set in stone, this Bollywood movie will still be loved by people who want to be entrepreneurs because it shows what it’s like to be a businessman.

Release in :2018

Moral of Movie : The significance of building relationships and networking in the business world.

3.Rocket Singh-Salesman of the Year (Movies For Entrepreneurs)

Rocket Singh is a remarkable film that tells the story of a man named Rocket Singh, who earns his livelihood as a salesperson. This impressive character is so passionate about his work that he decides to establish his own business in the same industry, even though he is working full-time. The movie revolves around how Rocket Singh utilizes his manager’s resources to build his own enterprise without his boss’s knowledge. It’s a gripping tale that keeps the audience engaged throughout, stirring up emotions of admiration and excitement as we watch the protagonist’s journey towards success.

Rocket Singh had a promising plot and intriguing characters; however, it fell short of its full potential. Despite this, the film offers valuable signals and tricks for aspiring entrepreneurs. From the struggles of starting a business to the importance of networking, Rocket Singh highlights the various challenges faced by young professionals. This movie is a must-watch for anyone interested in venturing into the business world. Learn from the film’s shortcomings and take away valuable insights to help you succeed in your own entrepreneurial journey.

Release in : 2009

Moral of the Movie : The worth of trustworthiness and uprightness in transactions.

4. 3 idiot (Movies For Entrepreneurs)

If you’re looking for a movie that hits all the right notes of inspiration, humor, feeling, and love, look no further than 3 Idiots! This heartwarming film follows the journey of three college friends who have vastly different views on education. Through their ups and downs, they learn that formal degrees and certifications aren’t always the best demonstration of knowledge. 3 Idiots is a must-see for anyone who values the power of friendship and the importance of following your own path.

As an experienced editor, I would like to improve the paragraph to make it more intriguing for readers. The movie emphasizes the importance of living a fulfilling life by breaking away from societal norms, and it does so in a captivating and thought-provoking manner. This cinematic masterpiece rewrote industry records and captured audience hearts with its powerful message.

Release in : 2009

Moral of Movie : The significance of collaboration and teamwork in entrepreneurship. the significance of pursuing one’s passion and using one’s imagination.

5. Band Baaja Baarat (Movies For Entrepreneurs)

Band Baaja Baaraat draws inspiration from the exciting journey of two young protagonists, a spirited girl and a carefree boy, who embark on a rollicking adventure. The girl is driven and ambitious, tirelessly pursuing her dreams to make a mark in the world. The boy, on the other hand, is content living in the moment, letting life take him wherever it may. In the bustling campus of Delhi University, he cherishes spending time with his close-knit group of friends. As fate would have it, the two cross paths through a classic Bollywood-style coincidence. Join us on this thrilling ride as we witness the duo navigate through love, friendship, and business in a mesmerizing tale of self-discovery and success.

Hold on tight, because here comes the real twist: these two individuals decide to take the plunge and start their own wedding planning business! However, they have one strict rule to abide by – absolutely no falling in love with each other. While this may sound like a fictional tale, it actually offers great insight into the world of wedding planning and the intricate business customs in India. Read on to discover all that goes into planning a perfect wedding and the fascinating workings of the industry in India.

Release in : 2010

Moral of Movie : The advantages of adapting to change and taking chances

6. Wake up sid (Movies For Entrepreneurs)

Experience is a valuable teacher, and the movie we are about to review thoroughly drives this point home. Although it does not necessarily center on entrepreneurship or startups, it highlights the importance of understanding and navigating life’s struggles. In the film, we are introduced to Sid, a young man born into wealth. But his privileged lifestyle is put to the test when he faces personal challenges that force him to reevaluate his choices and interactions with the world. Through Sid’s journey, we witness the transformative power of life’s obstacles, making this movie a must-watch for anyone seeking an inspiring perspective on personal growth and resilience.

As an editor with considerable experience, I have taken the liberty to revamp the following paragraph to make it more captivating and informative for our readers. My utmost priority was to ensure that my rewrite was free from plagiarism. Here is my take:

With school grades that are just slightly above average, John seems content with just spending time with his pals. Little did he know that his father-son squabbles were but a small part of the pressures faced by families from middle-class backgrounds. It wasn’t until he left the house that he realized the difficulty of making ends meet and the sacrifices his parents had to endure to give him the life he has today.

Release in : 2009

Moral of Movie : The advantages of embracing change and facing challenges

7. Badmaash Company

As an experienced editor, I took the liberty to rephrase the original paragraph to make it more engaging and informative for readers while ensuring that it is plagiarism-free. Here’s my version:

Badmaash Company, a Shahid Kapoor-starrer hit, showcases four friends who use their street-smart skills to get rich quick. This forward-thinking organization is a testament to their strong bond and their shared desire to succeed. Despite the moral ambiguity of their actions, the film takes us on a thrilling ride of mischief and mayhem. Will they get caught, or will their ambition overcome their misdeeds? You’ll have to watch it to find out!

Because of the concept it portrays, Badmaash Company will be enjoyable to you. It’s possible that some things are out of place (illogical?) But if there aren’t some difficult scenes, what kind of Bollywood is it? Youthful people would adore the film in view of the bling shown.

Release in : 2010

Moral of Movie : Success can be achieved by thinking creatively and taking calculated risks.

8. Hindi Medium

A self-made businessman struggles to get his daughter into a reputable school in Hindi Medium. The foundation requests the guardians be proficient. He decides to get her in through a reserved quota as a result. The family moves out of the familiar surroundings and into a location that is below average.

The film all the while portrays the difficulties looked by poor people and the rich. You will partake in the subject and the humor portrayed. Warning: This is a spoiler, but the point is that attending a large school does not always guarantee success. This Bollywood film will be enjoyed by all entrepreneurs.

Release in :2017

Moral of Movie : The significance of adapting to shifting customer requirements and market trends

9. Corporate

Rewritten Paragraph: Through her compelling performance, Bipasha Basu’s character in the film “Corporate” sheds light on the harsh realities of corporate life, exposing the cutthroat nature of the industry. As the title suggests, the film explores the inner workings of the corporate world, showcasing the power struggles and ethical dilemmas that often go unnoticed. With its raw depiction of the corporate sector, “Corporate” leaves a lasting impact on its audience, giving them a glimpse into the price of success in this high-stakes world.

As an experienced editor, I would like to present an engaging and informative version of the paragraph given. Observing a workplace’s ethics and culture is one of the most crucial factors determining the success of a business. It is fascinating to see how large corporations function and how their employees tackle professional challenges. This film, in particular, provides a unique perspective into the world of big businesses, providing insight into the working dynamics and the impact of ethical practices on a company’s growth. Get ready to delve into the intricacies of corporate culture and discover how it affects the success of businesses.

Release in : 2006

Moral of Movie : The dangers posed by corruption and greed in the business world

10. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

The movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” is a beautiful masterpiece that reminds us to embrace every moment of our lives, no matter the circumstance. Throughout the film, we follow the lives of characters who have lost their sense of humor while dealing with personal issues. But as they embark on a life-changing trip together, they rediscover the joy in life and learn to appreciate the beauty of every experience. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this heartwarming tale about the importance of living life to the fullest!

Are you tired of feeling anxious and unsure during group vacations? Take a deep breath and let go of those worries, because it’s time for you to truly enjoy your time away from reality. Instead of constantly hesitating, embrace the adventure that lies ahead! And speaking of adventures, have you seen the latest movie? You won’t want to miss it – the direction is superb and the plot will keep you on the edge of your seat with its unexpected twists. Trust us, it’s a must-see!

Release in : 2011

Moral of Movie : The importance of maintaining a work-life balance and having fun on the way to success

11. Bhag Milkha Bhag

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, a Bollywood blockbuster, has emerged as a significant source of inspiration for millions of people worldwide. This movie is not just a regular biographical film; it provides valuable life lessons on how to overcome unexpected hardships. With its riveting storyline and stunning performances by the lead actors, this movie is a must-watch for anyone who seeks motivation and wants to learn from the experiences of others. So, buckle up and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey that will leave you inspired and empowered to tackle any obstacle that comes your way!

Release in : 2013

Moral of Movie : The importance of resilience and perseverance in the face of challenges and setbacks

12. Raajneeti

As the title suggests, Raajneeti is a captivating political drama that delves into the intricacies of political rivalry and revenge. This gripping tale will immerse you in a world of cut-throat competition, demonstrating the challenges and nuances of navigating a competitive environment. With a powerful ensemble cast, the film provides a unique perspective on the inherent struggles involved in the pursuit of power. Prepare to be captivated as you plunge into the fascinating world of Raajneeti.

Release in : 2010

Moral of Movie : In business, the results of power struggles and political maneuvering

Other Inspirational Movies for Entrepreneurs

  • Satyakam (released in 1969)
  • Manthan (released in 1976)
  • Manzil (released in 1979)
  • Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (released in 1983)
  • Ek Ruka Hua Faisla (released in 1986)
  • Ek Doctor Ki Maut ( released in 1990)
  • Pyaasa (released in 1957)


Movies have the power to ignite our imaginations, fuel our passions, and give us the push we need to turn our dreams into reality. Whether it’s a heroic action flick or a heartwarming romance, movies have the ability to move us in ways that few other forms of entertainment can. While they may provide us with emotional support and energy boosts, it’s important to remember that success in life requires more than just a good movie. It takes hard work, dedication, and a belief in yourself to achieve your goals. So, keep striving, keep hustling, and keep going, knowing that with every effort you put in, you bring yourself one step closer to success. And in the meantime, keep reading engaging articles like this for more insights and inspiration!

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